What is Wine?


An element found in the environment. Courtney Tanabe, 2016


An essential micronutrient, it can also affect wine oxidation. Joshua Godshaw, 2016


Methoxypyrazines are powerful aroma compounds that have bell pepper and related vegetal aromas. David Raffaele, 2015.


Key aromatic substances in particular wines, such as Muscats, Gewürztraminer, Riesling and Torrontés. Trevor Grace, 2015.


A diverse group of aromatic substances. Charles Henschen, 2015.

Volatile Thiols

Sulfur containing compounds have high aroma impact, including key varietal flavors. Avery Heelan, 2015


Damascenone is an important aroma compounds found in wine and many other fruit products. Sarah Goins, 2015.

Oak Lactones

Oak lactones are key to the aroma imparted by oak barrels. The aroma of bourbon whiskey is dominated by oak lactones and vanillin. Sean Eridon, 2015